Peerzada Dr Haroon's Spiritual Journey

In 1991, I thought to myself one day on a regular day sitting in my clinic, " Haroon you have achieved a M.B.B.S qualification in order to establish yourself in the world, seventeen to eighteen years of studies in order to become a Medical Doctor, but what have you done or learnt purely for the sake of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala ? " This thought became etched to my mind, which led to me to subsequently enrol on courses for the studies of Tafseer-ul-Quran and study of Islam from The International Islamic University, Islamabad. I kept learning every thing in depth.

One day suddenly I felt something strange in my hand and came to know Allah Paak Jallah Shanahu has blessed me with shifaa in my hands. First of all, this was noticed by my wife Respected Robina Haroon Kashmiri when by the pointing of this Fakeer’s index finger her headache was relieved by the Grace of Allah Subhana wa ta'ala. Being a medical doctor, I was unable to justify this and I had no explanation. However Allah Paak showered His sheer mercy. I started maraqba under the guidance of my uncle Respected Khalid Mahmood Butt (Damat Barakatohu).

After just a few days Allah Paak Jallah Shanahu bestowed blessings and Hazrat Sayyedna Maula Ali Shair-e-Khuda (RT) came in maraqba and imparted spiritual guidance, and bestowed blessings and mercy. Then I was referred to Hazrat Sayyedna Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) for his spiritual guidance. I was showed with such spiritual gifts (roohani anwaar) that I was lost in amazement.

Aaqa Kareem (Sallalahu Alaiyhi Wasallam) blessed this Faqeer immensely and showered his blessings upon me.

The blessings bestowed by Sayyedna Ghaus-ul-Azam (RA) are beyond comprehension.

Spiritually I was told by all mentioned above that after the age of forty years, Allah Paak wants to take a very big task for the cause of Islam from you.

Then I was referred to Hadhrat Mian Mir (RA). He also blessed me abundantly, initiated the qalb-e-jaari dhikr of Allah Ta’ala. One day Hazrat Mian Mir (Rahmamatullah Alaiyhi) took me to Aaqa kareem (Sallalahu Alaiyhi Wasallam), and subsequently Aaqa Kareem (sallalahu Alaiyhi Wasallam) on a spiritual basis declared me attached to Silsila Qadria.

Hazrat Sayyedna Ghaus-ul-Azam Sayyed Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rahmatullah Aaiyhi) first gave this fakeer some spiritual designation and assigned the duty of the Indian subcontinent. This was in 2003-2004.

Then after a trial, on 20th March 2005 Aaqa Kareem (Sallalahu Alaiyhi Wasallam) blessed me with his ziyarah and said ;" Now leave every thing to the Raza of Allah, do maraqba(Meditation) diligently, the work Allah Paak Jallah Shanahu wanted to take from you has arrived.”

Then, I met Sayyedna Ghaus-ul-Azam Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rahmatulla Alaiyhi). He placed a green shawl on the shoulders of Fakeer and said: "You have been blessed with a higher rank in spiritualism.” This was spiritual progression, which Allah Paak blessed upon this Fakeer with despite his sea of sins. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. It had become obligatory to make dua for all the creation at the universal level.

In 2003, it was revealed to this Fakeer that the great works that Allah Paak wants from you will be based in London.

Sayyedna Hadhrat Imam Hussain (Alaihi Salam) also bestowed numerous blessings and rewards on Fakeer.

 Then it was told to me, that I would find some people in London with whom I must join to complete a great task for the cause of Islam. Fakeer in November 2005, at the age of forty came to London, left his well-established clinic and profession behind and no one was to know. All the taunting, mockery, and negative remarks delivered by people felt like roses in the love of Aaqa Kareem (Sallalahu Alaiyhi Wasallam). On every pain and wound I thanked Allah Paak, and Allah Pak Jallah Shanahu also blessed me. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen.

 In 2006 Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Hadhrat Moinuddin Chishti (Radi Allah Ta’ala Anho) in the presence of Hadhrat Mian Mir (Rahmatullah Alaihi), Hadhrat Baba Fareed Ganj-e-Shakarm (Rahmatullah Alaiyhi) blessed this Fakeer with his spiritual bait. Alhamdulillah. 

In 2007, Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz (Rahmatullah Alaihi) blessed this Faqeer with khilafat during Maraqba.

 In 2008, Hazrat Sayyedina Sabir Piya Sarkaar (Rahmatullahe Alaihi) blessed this Faqeer with the khilaafat of Silsila Sabriya through Hazrat Abu Anees Sufi Barkat Ali Ludhyanvi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) during meditation (maraqbah).  

 On one night in February 2009 there was a maximal abundance of spiritual blessings and bestowings. Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh (Rahmatullahe Alaihi) announced: “You are my shadow and scent. Whosoever does bait (pledge of allegiance) to you, I will also bestow blessings on them.”  

 Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi) blessed with his khilaafat, and then took me along with himself to Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeeri (Rahmatullah Alaihi). Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti (Rahmatullah Alaihi) also blessed Faqeer with his khilaafat, and crowned me with a pagri (turban).   

 After this, in the company of Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi), I was blessed with the ziyarah of Hazrat Sabir Piya Sarkaar (Rahmatullah Alaihi). Hazrat Sabir Piya Sarkaar (Rahmatullah Alaihi) blessed Faqeer with his khilaafat and dastaarbandi.  

 Then Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi) took Faqeer along with himself to Hazrat Fareeduddin Ganj-e-Shakkar (Rahmatullah Alaihi). Hazrat Fareeduddin Ganj-e-Shakkar (Rahmatullah Alaihi) also blessed Faqeer with his khilaafat and crowned me with a turban.   

Then Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi) very warmly took Faqeer beside himself and met with Hazrat Shahabuddin Soharwardi (Rahmatullah Alaihi). Hazrat Shahabuddin Soharwardi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) also blessed Faqeer with his khilaafat and allowed the bait of new people in the Silsila Soharwardia. Then in the presence of Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi) and my paternal grandfather Hazrat Muhammad Deen Soharwardi (Rahmatullah Alaihi), he crowned Faqeer with a turban.  

 Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi) promised this Faqeer that whosoever does bait on Faqeer’s hand, shall also receive blessings from Hazrat Mian Meer (Rahmatullah Alaihi).  This entire incident happened on one night of February in 2009. I mentioned this maraqbah in my book “ NOOR-E-DARWESH ”, published in September 2009.  

  In February 2009, Faqeer presented himself at the darbaar of Sufi Barkat Ali Ludhyanvi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Over there, during maraqbah (meditation) Faqeer met Hazrat Sabir Piya Sarkar, Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhyaanvi and Hazrat Abdul Samad Khan (Rahmatullah Alaihim Ajmaaim). They all bestowed spiritual blessings upon this Faqeer.  Hazrat Sabir Piya Sarkaar (Rahmatullah Alaihi) put his saliva (luab-e-dehan) into the mouth of Faqeer. 

In March 2009, Hazrat Mian Meer Sarkaar (Rahmatullah Alaihi) bestowed abundant generosity and blessings and took Faqeer along with himself to Hazrat Peer Jama’at Ali Shah (Rahmatullah Alaihi). Hazrat Peer Jama’at Ali Shah (Rahmatullah Alaihi) blessed Faqeer with his khilaafat and after ‘dastaarbandi’, bestowed Faqeer with his blessed as’aa (stick).  

 In June 2009, Hazrat Ali Karam Allah Wajhu, during Maraqbah, blessed Faqeer with one statement as follows: “I have blessed you with my khilaafat”. 

 In October 2009, Aaqa Kareem (Sallalaho Alaihe Wassallam) bestowed Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhyaanvi (Rahmatullah Alaihi)’s khilaafat on Faqeer, in Baba Ji Sarkaar’s presence.   

In January 2010, Hazrat Sayyedna Owais Qarni (Radia Allah Ta’ala Anhu) blessed Faqeer with his khilaafat.    

And finally …………………………………… 

By the command of Allah Paak Jallah Shanahu 


from Aqaa Kareem (Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam) 


in the witness of Hazrat Sayyedina Abdul Qadir Jilani Ghaus-ul-Azam (Radi Allah Ta’ala Anhu) and Hazrat Owais Qarni (Radi Allah Ta’ala Anhu)  

On 2nd January, 2010

17th Moharram-ul-Haram

Day:    Saturday

Time:  9:30 Pm (London)

During Maraqbah (meditation)   

Faqeer Ahqar-ul-Ibaad 

Peerzada Dr.Haroon-ur-Rasheed Kashmiri was bestowed with 

"Silsila Owaisia Muhammadia (Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam)".      



The spiritual journey continues...................................

Praying for all humanity,


Peerzada Dr Haroon-ur-Rashid Kashmiri

Habib ul Ummat
Ameer Kaarvaan-e-Ishq-e-Muhammadi ( Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam)
Owaisi, Mustafwi, Maulayee, Hajveri, Naqshbandi, Jamati, Qadri ,Chishti, Fareedi, Sabri, Soharwardi, Barkati.