Biography of Khawaja Saeed Ahmed Peerzada (Afi Anho)

( Peerzada Dr Haroon's Spiritual Mentor (Murshad Kareem)


Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem



This Fakir acquaints you with a few events that have taken place in his life. Some explanation of those gifts of God (inamat-e-Khudawandey) have also been included by which from time to time through the sadaqah of Rasulallah (Sallallahu’alaihi wasallam), Allah Jalajalalahu has rewarded this Fakir.


19th April 1940:

Fakir was born on the 19th of April 1940 in Sialkot, Pakistan. His respected father’s name was, ‘Al-Haaj Peer Allah Wadaya’ and respected mother’s name was ‘Hajjan Zainab Bibi’.

   According to numerology this was a blessed year. Fakir spend his childhood in Sialkot. In 1950, Hakeem Khadim Ali Sahab, Khadim Ali Road, Sialkot made a statement that Saeed Ahmed will be a Wali (friend of Allah) from amongst his family and relatives.


1956/1957 to 1965:

Fakir served as a supervisor at Wah Factory (Wah Cantt). During this time Fakir was also engaged in wazaif, amaliyath (practices) and chilay (forty days in which the religious people in the East sometimes retire to their homes and engage themselves in fasting and divine worship) at the graveyard, he even became aamil-e-Jinnaat (administrator of jinn).


1962: Fakir was blessed with the ziyarth of Sayyedda Khatoon-e-Jannat Sarkar (Radiy’Allahu’Anha), Sayyed-ul-Shohoda Sayyeddina Imam Hussain (Alaiyhi salam) and Sayyeddina Imam Hassan (Aliyhi salam).

During the same year, Fakir was destined to meet Sayyedina Maula Ali Sher-e-Khuda Sarkar (Radiy’Allhu’anhu) who fed this Fakir bread/roti. Whilst eating the last piece of bread, Fakir woke up from sleep and realised that the last bolus was still in his mouth. Subhan’Allah.During these days, Fakir received unlimited love from Hazrat Sakhey Wali Kandhari.



Sayyeddina Ghaus-e-Azam Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) with His blessed finger wrote on this Fakir’s wrist, ‘from today onwards you are Peerzada’. Fakir’s respected father (Rahmatullah alaiyhi) got Fakir married. Allah Paak Jalajalalahu blessed Fakir with four sons, Awais Ahmed, Bilal Ahmed, Faiz Ahmed and Muhammad Afzal, from amongst these Faiz Ahmed died at the age of ten and the remaining are serving in the Police and  also serve Alhamdulillah at the shrine of our Babajee Ghulaam Muhammad Srakar Chishti (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) 128RB Faisalabad. All three children are very obedient and pious. Alhamdulillahhir rabbil alameen, Fakir has seen their mother in paradise twice /Fakir has seen the mother of these children in jannah on two occasions, Alhamdulillah.


After leaving/ Fakir stopped working at Wah factory, from 1965-1967 Fakir worked as a supervisor at GESTETNER Park Limited/Ltd, Faisalabad.



Fakir made pilgrimage to Mecca. This call for Hajj was a karamat (miracle) of Fakirs valid-e-Amjad (Rahmatullah alaiyhi). During the same night Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) in a dream ordered Fakir and his respected father to come for Hajj. When Fakir arrived to Mecca for Hajj, by way of blessings of excessive recitation of Durood-shareef, Fakir was blessed with the honour of ziyarath and Kadam Ghausey (kissing the blessed feet) of Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) three times, and Fakir’s beloved Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) kissed the back of Fakir three times. Subhan’Allah, glory be to Allah. Here, Fakir was also destined to do ziyarath of Sayyedda Halimah Sadia (Radiy’Allahutala’Anha) Sarkar.



Fakir’s respected Father got Fakir remarried. Alqaa was revealed to Fakir that ‘Saeed the name of your wife-to-be will be ‘Yasmeen’’. Alhamdulillah, that was indeed the case/that’s exactly what happened. As a result of the supplications of Fakirs respected parents, Allah Paak Jalashanahu blessed Fakir with an Angelic wife from who Fakir has two blessed daughters Sadia and Aneela and one son named Muhammad Imran Peerzada. By the blessings/grace of Allah Paak Jalashanahu Sadia was educated in London and is a Solicitor/Barrister. She has acheieved/attained the degree in Law like that of Quid-e-Azam (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi). By the grace of Allah, Sadia went from London to Bristol and became a solicitor and she achieved the Law degree that Qaid-e-Azam (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) achieved.  Muhammad Imran Peerzada after completing his education in London, is serving his Sheikh Mian Muhammad Waheed-ur-Rahman Sahab London and he intends to continue and also to sit the CSS Exam in Pakistan. Allah Paak Jalashanahu has bestowed divine mercy, blessings and nobility upon both daughters and son, Alhamdulillahir rabil alameen .



Fakir served as a sales supervisor, then sales officer and then sales marketing advisor to chairman at Rafan Maize products company Ltd., Faisalabad.

After retirement from 1994-2001: Fakir was Chief Manager, administration, NP Spinning mills Limited, Raiwand, Lahore.




Fakir stopped serving. At this moment in time, Fakir’s pay was Rs. 60,000 without additional provisions. Fakir sacrificed all of this for His beloved Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) and begun His journey as a Fakir (safar-e-Faqar (acceptance of life of poverty with designation and content)).



During this time it was the norm for Fakir to pray Fajr (dawn) prayer with the wudu (ablution) of the Isha (night) prayer and Fakir would recite Durood-e-Paak Hazara throughout the night. During this time, if Fakir ever had freetime he would go to the canal (naher), graveyard or home and with Jalali and Jamali precautions, Fakir was often destined to perform chillay.



During the month of Ramadan, it was normal/routine for Fakir to recite Durood-e-Pakk throughout the night. One night Fakir accompanied by his respected father was in the presence of the divine Allah Pak Jalalalahu, where they also found Sayyedina Khwaja Ghareeb nawaz Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi), Fakir had the privilege of his Kadam Ghausey.


From 1995:

Alhamdulillah (All praise is for Allah), Fakir obtained a couple of points regarding Tasawuff through Alqaa from Rabb-e-Kareem Jalalahu, which have been included in this book. Up until now, Fakir has been blessed with the ziyarath of Allah Pak Jalalahu five times.



Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) has bestowed extreme and uncountable blessings on Fakir including ziyaraths, Haazri’s. Fakir has also been blessed with the opportunity to visit Madinah-e-Pak on numerous occasions.



Fakir was in itekaaf  during the holy month of Ramadan in Madina with the noble and respected Mian Waheed-ur-Rahman Sahab (Dammat barkatuhu) Khlifah Majaz and Al-Haaj Muhammad Habeeb-ur-Rahman Sahab (D.I.G) Fakirs real brother, many times during this period.



The blessed moment was when Fakir met Sayyeddina Ibrahim (Alaiyhi’salam) and Sayyeddina Maula Ali Sher-e-Khuda Sarkar (Radiy’Allahu’Anhu) face to face at the baab-e-Uthman. In this meeting Sayyeddina Ibrahim (Alaiyhi salam) gripped Fakir’s arm firmly and said three times, ‘Saeed look, Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) has written everything on your face’. Then Fakir shaked hands with Maula Ali Sher-e-Khuda Sarkar (Radiy’Allahu’Anhu) three times, then both Noble personalities disappeared from Fakir’s sight.



On returning to London after the period of ihtekaaf, after just eight days, Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) bestowed endless unlimited blessings unto us all. Fakir made a note of these blessings which were regularly given to the noble and respected Babajee Gulraiz Sahab through the noble and respected Al-Haaj Mian Waheed-ur-Rahman sahib.A written record of all these blessings have been safely retained by him.

  One thing worth mentioning is that Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’aliyhi wasallam) has appointed Fakir a duty at Ajmer Sharif. The details of this duty are safe. Also, Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’aaliyhi wasallam) once said, ‘Come Jibrail Ameen (Alaiyhi salam), kiss Peerzada’s eyes’.  Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’aaliyhi wasallam) continued, ‘the time is near when there will be just seven holy persons remaining in this world, the seventh will be Peerzada, who will serve my blessed and purified ummah and be the freshness of my eyes, Subhan’Allah.



Fakir met and was ordered to be at the service of Mian Waheed-ur-Rahman Sahab (Damat barkatuhu) in Bradford. After fulfilling the requests and supplications of Fakir Allah ta’ala bestowed a high rank of Wilyath and spiritualism unto Mian Sahab Jamati, Naqshbandi, Chishti, Qadri , it is because of Him that Babajee Gulraiz Sahab (Damat Barkatuhu) has also been blessed with Dastaray Khilafath (a turban of honor) / Allah (swt) accepted Fakir’s request and subsequently accepted and bestowed upon Mian Waheed-ur-Rahman Sahab-Jamaati, Naqshbandi, Chishti, Qadri-great heights in wilayat (sainthood) and from his tufail Babajee Gulraiz Muhammad Sahab (Dammat barkatuhu) has also received dastar-e-khilafth. Through the blessings of Mian Sahab (Dammat barkatuhu), many brothers, sisters and children have been blessed with wilayath, Alhamdulillah. All praise is for Allah.


   In the year 2005, Fakir had the honour of being in the blessed company of Sayyeddina Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Sarkar (Rahmatullah alaiyhi). Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) accepted the presence of Fakir in such a way that Fakir was blessed with the destiny to do kadam-ghausey (kiss the blessed feet) of Sayyeddina Bakhtiyar Kaki Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi), Sayyeddina Khawaja Nizamuddin Awliya Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi), Sayyeddina Ameer Khushru Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) all in Delhi, Sayyedina Bo Ali Qalandar Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi), Sayyedina Ghaus Ali Shah (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi), Sayyedina Shamsudiin (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) in Pani Pat and our Aaqa Sayyedina Sabar Piya Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi) in kaleer Shareef. Through the blessings of all the shrines of the noble personalities mentioned, Fakir was blessed with ‘dastarbandi’ (a turban of honour).

Although the situation of the country(India) was instable at the time, Fakir had an extremely peaceful time in India. Fakir travelled far and wide though Fakir only had a visa for Delhi. We went toured around for a week but by way of the blessings of Sarkar (Rahmatullah’alaiyhi), official had the courage to interrogate Fakir in any way, all praise is for Allah, Alhamdulillahir rabil alameen.



Humble Darwesh Ahqar-ul-Ebaad

Fakeer Khawaja Saeed Ahmed Peerzada Afi Anho

Jamaati,Naqshbandi, Chishti, Qadri, Ajmeri


Former Chief Manager NP Spinning Mills Ltd. Rivend Road, Lahore

Former Consultant to Chairman, Rafhan Mills (CPC International) Products Ltd., Faisalabad

Currently Darbar-e-Alam Khalifah Mejaaz Hazrat Peer Al-Haaj Allah-Hudaya (Alaihi- Rahmah)

Sultan -ul -Awliya Peer Sayyed Jamaat Ali Shah Sahab (Rahmat-Allah-Alaihi) Mohaddis Ali Puri Sarkar

Masjid Zainab Muhammadiya Colony Faisalabad, Pakistan

Residential Address: Peerzada House, 26A Aitchison Society Rivend Road, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore, Pakistan.