The Noble Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid Kashmiri Sahab (Dammat Barkatuhu), London

(Introduction, written by Saeed Ahmed Pirzada sahib in his book "Ramuz-e-Darwesh", about his Khalifa Peerzada Dr Haroon) 


The past situations of respected Dr.Sahab are to a great extent similar to those of Fakir, All praise is for Allah, Lord of all the worlds. Secrets about the respected individual named above, were revealed to Fakir by kashf (at a gathering in April 2006, on the auspicious occasion of Milad-un-Nabi (Sallallahu’alaihi’wasallam) at the blessed home Janab Mian Waheed-ur-Rahman sahib (Damat barkatohum), Barrister, London). Removing the veil from these secrets by Fakir, Dr.Sahab was made to take bait with the respected Mian Sahab. The same year during etekaaf in the Masjid-e-Nabawi blessed mosque of the Prophet (Sallallahu’alaihi’wasalllam), Fakir was ordered to present Dr.Sahab with dastar-e-Khilafath, which he was destined to receive.


On the 7th of January 2007 during a mehfil at the blessed home of Dr.Sahab, the dastar-e-khilafath reached its destination. Dr.Sahab’s own observations are such that Fakir cannot do justice to an extensive introduction to Dr. Sahab. Thus, Dr.Sahab’s observations written by himself are being included in this book (Ramuz-e-Darwesh). Allah Pak Jalashanahu through the blessings of Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaihi wasallam) has bestowed a tremendous favour upon us by including Dr.Sahab with us Fuqara. May Allah pak jalashanahu give us the ability to serve him in such a way that together we are able to serve the ummah of Sarkar-e-Madinah (Sallallahu’alaihi wasallam) until the end of time, to such an extent that we become the freshness of our beloved Aaqa Kareem (Sallallahu’alaihi wasallam)’s eyes, Ameen, Sum Ameen.


Subhan’Allah, Dr.Sahab has directly been given the title of ‘Habeeb-ul-Ummat’ (Sallallahu’alaiyhi wasallam) from our Aaqa Kareem (Salla’Allahu’alaiyhi wasallam). Fakir feels that through the blessings of Dr.Sahab and his blessed feet, Allah Pak Jalajalalahu is bestowing blessings on Fakir and all of Fakirs Fuqara and spiritual companions. Subhan’Allahe wabehamdehi subhanallah hil azeem.


It is not possible for Faqir to mention a detailed account of Dr.Sahab’s spiritual character and the pen is limited from writing an intuitive. Dr.Sahab’s mushihdaat (0bservations) which are mentioned later in this book convey the beautiful personality of Dr.Sahab itself, by which his character and status can be estimated.