Spiritual Guidelines For Life (Nizam-ul-Hayat)


In any form of sainthood (wilayat) there is no need to attain knowledge of the unseen or supernatural forces (kashf), nor spiritual powers (karamah). However, in any form of sainthood it is mandatory to do zikr, recite durood and to practice the Sunnah.


Whether one attains spiritualism (roohaniyat) or not, your name should be first on the list of those who strive to attain the infinite pleasure of Almighty Allah. Regardless of what another says or does, after hearing and viewing, practice patience (sabr). Never say anything against any creation of Almighty Allah. Utilise the tongue only for spreading the message of the religion (deen-e-Islam), otherwise remain silent.


Keep your heart and mind focused towards Almighty Allah, and the most important point is to do Zikr-e-Ilahi, and to advise others to do the same. Make this the purpose of your life.


Derived from the teachings of Tajdaar-e-Daar-ul-Ehsaan

Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhyanvi (Rahmatullah Alaihi)

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